Saturday, November 30, 2013

Midlake - The Old and the Young

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Whitechapel - Death Becomes Him

Electric President - Mr. Gone, Safe and Sound

Electric President - Feathers

so we hum our stolen songs and the sirens sing along from out at sea and we close our eyes, then turn to watch them leave and you are not to blame for what happens to me so you know where I am from and you know just what I've done and what I've seen and what I will become if I'm cut free but you are not to blame for what happens to me
(we're gone)
and the feathers on your breath dance along the wind and cut my chest I'd follow you down any rabbit hole and the bruise beneath your eyes has been growing like the tide and no mater how this ends they'll never be your crutch the way I am I'd follow you down any rabbit hole come find me when I sleep and tie anchors around my feet
(we're gone)

Face to Face - I Won't Lie Down

36 Crazyfists - "Skin And Atmosphere"

Think I'll rename my heart, 'The Calendar' 'Cause it'll surely know just when to end
And I've been looking at you through the telephone
As the photograph whispers that she isn't even home
So alone, I bleed myself right in
Unusual here breathing Inviting the silence
But you're not here, you're nowhere near at all Just skin and atmosphere

Wednesday, November 27, 2013